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Hotel near Basingstoke station

Situated on the South Western Main Line, Basingstoke Station is remarkably well-placed between a range of exciting destinations. With direct trains to London, Reading and elsewhere in Hampshire and the South West of England, there are plenty of reasons why people find themselves at Basingstoke station. For many, it’s a convenient halfway point between the busy life of the big city and the tranquil countryside of Hampshire and the South West.

Whether you’re visiting relatives, on a business trip, or just looking to check out the local sights of the Hampshire countryside, there are plenty of great reasons to come to Basingstoke.  Here’s everything you need to know about staying with us at Holiday Inn Basingstoke hotel during your trip.

An exciting destination

Holiday Inn Basingstoke is just a convenient 6 minute drive away from the station. That means whatever the reason for your trip and wherever you come from, you can relax in your comfortable hotel room within minutes of your train pulling into the platform. If it’s been a long day or you’ve had a long journey, this will be important.

And with the hotel being just off the M3, it’s easy for you to access from a range of other destinations. Whether you’re driving from elsewhere in Hampshire or heading out in the morning to check out the sights of the local area, you’ll have no trouble getting anywhere around the area.

A full hotel experience

We have a range of exciting facilities waiting for you. Whether you’re on a business trip or on holiday, it’s important to feel just like you’re right at home.

With our restaurant, you’ll have access to some top-quality food, no matter what time of day you arrive or where you’ve come from. If you’ve just gotten off the train after a long day in the evening, then you’ll want to come and enjoy a luxurious evening meal in our restaurant. Or, if you’re feeling particularly tired – you might want to just go straight to your room and order room service. Why delay your relaxation?

And when you wake up the next morning, you’ll want to take advantage of the award-winning breakfast we have on offer, complete with an exciting range of options to suit any taste. Will it be the full English breakfast or the continental alternatives for you? With pastries, cereal, pancakes and much more waiting right here – you’ll be complete with everything you need to start off your next day right.

Book today

Whatever the reason for looking for hotel near Basingstoke train station, we’ve got everything you need. From great food to great rooms, and great facilities in a fantastic location, you’ll be right at home here at the Basingstoke Holiday Inn.

Get in touch with us to find out more about your Basingstoke hotel near the train station or book your stay today.

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